Harmony Homes of Miami specializes in assistance with treatment orders, observations and education in the following areas:

• Wound Care
• Ostomy Care and Supplies
• Foley Catheter Care and Maintenance
• Diabetic Management
• Diet and Nutritional Needs
• IV Therapy
• Administration of SQ/IM Injections
• Management of Disease Process / Medication Regimen
• Enteral Feedings
• Therapy Services

The above services are available by the visit, hourly, shifts, and/or continuous.
throughout the year as needed by the patient, ordered by the physician and as approved by the payor source.

A Registered Nurse is on call after hours, through the weekend and on holidays to receive your calls regarding unexpected changes in our patient’s conditions or other concerns you may have. We are committed in making every effort to guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

The Plan of Care is designed to increase your ability to care for yourself as we provide you, your family and your caregiver with the education needed to become more independent in your health care management. Effective pain management is an important part of care and treatment. The plan of care is reviewed and updated as needed, based on your changing needs.